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Sun, Apr 07


Virtual Event

The Principles of Al-Kemi (Beginner)

In this 12-week live course, gain an understanding of the fundamental principles of alchemy, including the transmutation of substances and the spiritual allegories inherent in alchemical texts.

The Principles of Al-Kemi (Beginner)
The Principles of Al-Kemi (Beginner)

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Apr 07, 2024, 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM MDT

Virtual Event

About the event

Week 1: Overview of Alchemy

  • Introduction to alchemy as a historical and philosophical practice.
  • Overview of key figures and texts in alchemical tradition.
  • Introduction to alchemy as a transformative practice akin to Gurdjieff's concept of self-transformation through self-awareness and conscious effort.

Week 2: Alchemical Principles

  • Introduction to the basic principles of alchemy, including the principle of correspondance, polarity, and rhythm.
  • Exploration of the concept of transmutation and the philosopher's stone.
  • Exploration of how alchemical principles mirror Gurdjieff's idea of the Law of Three and the Law of Seven governing processes of transformation and development.

Week 3: Alchemical Symbols and Allegories

  • Examination of alchemical symbols and their meanings.
  • Analysis of alchemical texts and their allegorical interpretations.
  • Discussion on the spiritual and psychological significance of alchemical symbolism.
  • Discussion on the symbolic language of alchemy and its parallels with Gurdjieff's use of symbols to convey deeper truths and provoke self-reflection.

Week 4: Practical Alchemy

  • Introduction to practical alchemical processes, such as distillation, fermentation, and calcination.
  • Hands-on exercises and demonstrations to understand the physical aspects of alchemy.
  • Application of Gurdjieff's concept of self-observation and self-remembering during practical alchemical exercises to enhance awareness of the process.

Week 5: Transmutation of Substances

  • In-depth exploration of the process of transmutation and its historical significance.
  • Discussion on the role of metals and minerals in alchemical transmutation.
  • Examination of alchemical transmutation as an external manifestation of inner transformation, aligning with Gurdjieff's emphasis on inner change leading to outer change.

Week 6: Spiritual Alchemy

  • Introduction to the concept of spiritual alchemy and its relationship to personal transformation.
  • Exploration of inner alchemy practices, such as meditation, visualiztion, and inner work.
  • Integration of Gurdjieff's principles of self-work and inner transformation with spiritual alchemy practices aimed at awakening higher states of consciousness.

Week 7: Alchemical Laboratory

  • Virtual tour of an alchemical laboratory.
  • Demonstration of alchemical processes and eqipment used in laboratory practice.
  • Utilization of Gurdjieff's methods of practical work in the laboratory setting to cultivate presence and mindfulness during alchemical experiments.

Week 8: Case Studies in Alchemy

  • Analysis of historical and modern case studies in alchemy.
  • Examination of successful and unsuccessful alchemical experiments and their implications.
  • Analysis of historical alchemical case studies through the lens of Gurdjieff's ideas on self-deception, self-observation, adn the struggle for self-awareness.

Week 9: Hermeticism and Alchemy

  • Exploration of the connection between Hermeticism and alchemy.
  • Discussion on hermetic principles and their influence on alchemical philosophy.
  • Exploration of the hermetic principles underlying both alchemy and Gurdjieff's teachings, emphasizing the importance of inner unity and harmony.

Week 10: Alchemical Texts and Traditions

  • Study of specific alchemical texts, such as the Emerald Tablet, the works of Paracelsus, and Gurdjieff.
  • Examination of different alchemical traditions and their unique perspectives.
  • Study of alchemical texts with a focus on deciphering esoteric knowledge and practical wisdom, drawing parallels to Gurdjieff's emphasis on hidden teachings and esoteric practices.

Week 11: Alchemy and Modern Science

  • Discussion on the relationship between alchemy and modern science.
  • Exploration of areas where alchemical principles intersect with contemporary scientific understanding.
  • Examination of the intersection between alchemical principles, Gurdjieff's cosmological ideas, and modern scientific concepts, exploring the potential for synthesis and integration.

Week 12: The Contemporary Alchemist

  • Examination of how alchemical principles are applied in modern contexts, such as psychology, art, and literature.
  • Discussion on the relavance of alchemy in the 21st century and its potential future developments.
  • How to apply Fourth Way principles of conscious labor and intentional suffering to alchemical practices in contemporary contexts, fostering inner growth and realiztion.
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  • The Principles of Alchemy

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